January 4, 2024 Industry NewsNews

ATS Group joins the Utility Strike Avoidance Group (USAG)

ATS Group has taken the pledge to uphold best safe digging practices, joining the Utility Strike Avoidance Group (USAG) as a Charter Member.

The main purpose of the USAG is to help reduce the number and severity of underground utility strikes caused by work activities close to utility services, as well as encouraging workers to be mindful of other underground assets. Works can include, but are not limited to, construction, demolition, excavation, fencing, and street works activities.

“Prevent Utility Strikes” is the call to action of the USAG, and their mission is to emphasise the importance of avoiding accidental damage or interference with public utility lines or infrastructure, such as water pipes, gas lines, electric cables, or telecommunication networks. We’re supporting the USAG by taking proactive measures to ensure that our activities don’t result in unintentional disruptions to these utility services.

Allan Smith, ATS Group CEO and founder commented, “We are thrilled about this development as it represents one of the projects we’ve been diligently working on behind the scenes.”

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