October 12, 2023 NewsPartners

Gigaclear Chooses ATS Group as Training Partner

Gigaclear, a leading rural Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Abingdon, have partnered with ATS Group to help train their engineers.

After facing difficulties in finding trained fibre engineers to help install their fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband networks, Gigaclear reached out to ATS Group to develop a series of training ‘bootcamps’ for their engineers in the South of England.

The impact of this training has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dave Brown, Gigaclear, commented:

“I’ll take this opportunity to thank you and Jason for your continued support. We ramped up quickly at the start of the year and have already trained more of our engineers in the first five months of this year than we did during the whole of 2022.

As our principal training provider, ATS Group have continuously provided us with what we need and worked with us to efficiently plan and deliver an ever-growing list of compliance requirements. 

Until this year, we were having inconsistent feedback from some of our suppliers, often having to send engineers some distance to do specialist training. Having the ability to do all our required training under one roof with consistent high-quality is making a huge difference to our workforce, and with the bootcamps in place, we are now getting our engineers onto the park two months earlier than we were previously.

2023 has been a key year for training at Gigaclear. We chose ATS as our primary training partner for the south of England, as we needed a reliable and professional supplier that could meet our growing need for compliance training as a “one-stop-shop”. We started rolling out our new Bootcamps for new field engineers, and ATS have been superb in helping us roll these out successfully, as well as everything else we need for specialised training and plant. 

You have worked hard to ensure that we have the training we need, have adapted efficiently to changes and continue to adapt to our needs, going that one step further to ensure we have everything we need.  

The feedback from the training has been overwhelmingly positive and gives me confidence to send our engineers there, knowing that they have, not just the skills, but also the years of experience of the qualified trainers at ATS to give them the confidence and skills to slot into the workforce and help us meet our aggressive installation targets. 

I look forward to us continuing this vital partnership into the future.”

Allan Smith, ATS Group, commented:

“Here at ATS group, we offer Telecoms, Highways, Construction and Civils training and have formed very strong relationships with Openreach, a number of Alt-nets and various contractors. The training we provide is key to ensuring health and safety standards and ensuring network compliance is sustained across the telecoms sector. 

The relationship with Gigaclear has grown from strength to strength through the training bootcamps we have delivered throughout 2023. We would like to register our appreciation by thanking Dave Brown and Annette Rackham for choosing ATS as their training delivery partner. We look forward to continuing this relationship into and beyond 2024.”

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