If you wish to start a new career in construction and have little or no experience, the Level 2 Award in Carpentry and Joinery qualification has been developed for delivery in a training environment. This means that you do not need to be employed to study this qualification.

This Level 2 Award has been designed to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding so you can work as a Carpenter and Joiner in the construction industry or progress to further training. It has been designed to give you an introduction to these disciplines and prepare you to enter the industry in your chosen craft. It offers you the opportunity to build transferable skills to take forward into other qualifications within Carpentry and Joinery.

This is a small qualification which is designed for learners with no previous experience and/or brand new to this occupational area (e.g. New Entrant). We also offer a Level 2 Certificate and a Diploma in the occupational area. The Level 2 Certificate will give you a solid foundation in Carpentry and Joinery and prepare you to take further qualifications to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding. You should undertake this qualification if you have some previous experience (e.g. Work placement, working with family, summer job etc.). If you have previous experience, completed a previous qualification in this occupational area or you have achieved 5 GCSEs, then you should consider this Diploma instead of the Level 2 Award or Certificate.

*We do not set a minimum requirement for this qualification and this should only be used as a guide. If you are still unsure about which qualification to choose please speak to your course tutor at your chosen college*.


The learner will cover knowledge in three core subject areas of Carpentry and Joinery:

  • Health, safety and welfare
  • Information, quantities and communication
  • Construction technology.

The learner will also learn key practical skills and knowledge in:

  • Prepare to carry out carpentry and joinery
  • Carpentry and joinery skills
  • Clear and store carpentry and joinery tools and equipment.
  • The minimum age requirement for this qualification is 16+; there are no further entry requirements to take this qualification. This means that you can undertake this qualification without any previous training or qualifications in this subject area.

NVQ Information

NVQ Level

Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Prices

Number of NVQs Price
  • 3 £545+VAT PP
  • 2 £595+VAT PP
  • 1 £645+VAT PP


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