Delivered in partnership with The Skills & Education Partnership

The Education & Skills Partnership

Supporting learners through impactful training

We partner with the Education & Skills Partnership (ESP), a UK training and education provider specialising in apprenticeships and government funded support for a variety of industries, including the Telecoms, Retail and Supply Chain sectors. The ESP strives to help learners achieve their full potential through their apprenticeship programmes and qualifications.

ATS Group supports the ESP’s mission to help learners meet their career development goals. We work with the ESP to provide a full range of training programmes, leading to fulfilling careers in industry roles. We believe that, when you invest in your workforce, you can build a thriving future for learners who want to grow their skills.

Grow your own talent

Professionalise and develop

A future talent pipeline tailored to your business needs with the industry-specific skills you need. A motivated, skilled and qualified workforce, whilst reducing recruitment costs – having the talent you need in house will significantly reduce spend on new hires, training and contractor hire.

  • Apprenticeships are employer and government creation led work-based programmes designed for industry-specific roles.
  • They are available for candidates aged 16 and over, with no restrictions on the upper limit.
  • They incorporate qualifications from Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) to Level 7 (Masters equivalent).
  • Apprentices can be new recruits or existing employees, but must be employed within a suitable job role for a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Available Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships offered and typical lengths

Highways Maintenance Skilled Operator | 10 Training Days
Plant Operations | 5 CPCS Training Courses
Lifting Operations | 2 CPCS Training Courses
Network Cable Installer (Level 3) | TBC
Operations / Department Manager (Level 5) | TBC
Team Leader / Supervisor (Level 3) | TBC
Telecoms Field Operative (Level 2) | TBC